Jobs at Trillium

Trillium Charter School


Job Title:  Long Term Substitute High School Math Teacher & Advisor Department:  Teaching
Reports To:  Executive Director Status:  Temporary
Revision Date:  15 September Salary:  $180/ day


Position Overview

Trillium is a K-12 Public Charter School in North Portland, Oregon.  High School teachers at Trillium serve the dual role of teaching an academic core subject to all middle school aged students as well as serve as an academic advisor for approximately 1/5 of the high school students.


At Trillium students are actively involved learners building a personal knowledge of the world around them through action, experience, and reflection. Trillium’s education philosophy centers on contextual teaching/learning and constructivism.  We utilize a relationship-based model that focuses on problem solving, project-oriented, and collaborative learning. Students engage as active participants in their learning and develop their own meaning and knowledge in the process.

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Applicants of color are strongly encouraged to apply.



Essential Job Functions

●      Responsible for ensuring that classroom and curriculum meet Trillium philosophy and Oregon State Standards.

●      Adheres to Ethical Educator & Professional Practices as set forth by Teacher Standards & Practices Commission (TSPC).

●      Evaluates and maintains complete and accurate files regarding the students’ academic progress and physical, social and emotional growth, and communicates with parents or guardians on the individual student’s progress.

●      Plans and evaluates daily lessons that are developmentally appropriate.

●      Identifies the needs of a group of students as well as individual students and provides for continuous assessment of their ability.

●      Provides instruction, organization and management in the classroom, which creates a respectful environment conducive to learning.

●      Supervises students both in and out of the classroom in a respectful and positive manner.

●      Other duties as assigned by the school Director.

●      Responsible for appropriate use of space, equipment, and material storage.

●      Responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment within the classroom and the school.

●      Adheres to all school systems, protocols and policies that are developed.

●      Maintain a High level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student information.

●      Arrives at work on time, punctually attends and actively participates in all required meetings and training.

●      Required to be a respectful, cooperative, and reliable team member and participant in school activities.

●      Maintains professional competence through participation in school provided in-service activities and/or self-selected professional growth activities related to job responsibilities.

●      For teachers with Oregon state certification: Maintains a valid Oregon teaching license registered in the manner provided by law during employment.

●      For teachers without Oregon state certification: Maintains a valid Oregon Charter School Registration in the manner provided by law during employment.


Preferred Qualifications

●      Knowledge of/ Experience with Constructivist Pedagogy

●      Master’s Degree in Mathematics and ability to teach college level math class

●      Ability and flexibility to teach to teach multiple subjects

●      Desire for collaboration with other teachers and administration

●      Knowledge of/ Experience with Deep Democracy Process-Oriented meetings

●      Comfort with creation of Emergent Curriculum

●      Knowledge of/ Experience with Collaborative forms of classroom management including Classroom Meetings, Collaborative Problem Solving and Restorative Justice




●      A Bachelor’s Degree.  Preferred Master’s Degree in Education.

●      Must meet Highly Qualified state standards for the position (OAR584-100-0002 through OAR584-100-0111).

●      Clear communication skills, both verbally and in written form.

●      Ability to work collaboratively as part of a grade level team.

●      Ability to create a positive, nurturing environment for the student.




NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.