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May 1st, 2014

Trillium Parent Communication Survey

Posted by HB

Parent at Trillium? Please come take our quick survey to help us improve!

Nov 8th, 2013

TFT = Trillium PTA

Posted by HB

Did you know Trillium has a super happening, fun and exciting PTA? It does! Check out the super cool and colorful TFT website? Read about all the neato events coming up and our fantastical school. Oh TFT, you make me smile!

Apr 17th, 2013

Runaissance 2014

Posted by HB

Runaissance 2014 is coming, Friday, May 16th!

Still need to send in your last Runaissance pledges? If you already have a Sustaining Trillium account, you can make your donation here. Support the Preschoolers‘ run here, or the K-12 charter run here.