SCRIP Fundraising

What is SCRIP and how does it work?

SCRIP is a national fundraising program that is an easy and painless way to give money to Trillium.
Vendors sell gift cards to schools at a discount.

You pay face value for the cards, nothing more. Trillium Charter School, then, gets to keep the profits.

For example, you buy a New Seasons SCRIP card for $100, Trillium purchased that card from New Seasons for $95=$5 profit for Trillium.

**If 25 families bought $200 worth of SCRIP per week that would equal $250 profit/week , $100 profit/month or $10,000 for the year!!!!**

Funds raised by SCRIP sales will be used to support TFT sponsored events and grants. This year SCRIP will work a little differently than years past. We will only be offering New Seasons SCRIP cards in $50 & $100 increments.

These will be available on hand every Monday & Friday morning from 8:30-9 and Wednesdays at pick up from 2:50-3:15. (Times may change throughout the year, but we will keep you updated).

It’s that simple.

Thanks for supporting our school!