Internship Coordinator


Maryliz Heron
Internship Coordinator
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I found my love for learning while counseling at Outdoor  School during my high school years. As I was trying to help sixth grade students understand why measuring the slope of the land can be an important tool fro land use, or why a spider would spin it’s prey with silk, made my own “light bulb” go on. It was a big “a-ha” for me, I had a real reason to learn something so I went crazy trying to figure things out well enough to help students create their own understandings.


Outdoor School provided another significant experience; being involved in collaborative learning between instructor and student. I discovered the power and depth of of authentic learning experiences that are combined with strong emotional connections. That discovery in high school led me through a series of work experiences at summer camps, the Youth Conservation Corps and federal youth employment programs. I eventually realized that a teaching degree would enable me to continue to help youth find their own paths to knowledge and their own unique place in the world. My certification is in Social Sciences and Health at the secondary level.


Nearly all of my teaching teaching endeavors have involved connecting students to their community, whether through community service, working as counselors at Outdoor School, as interns in elementary schools or internships within a wide variety of professional experiences. I have found that I am most happy when connecting students and mentors through the internship experience. So I am very excited to be a part of Trillium’s new Internship Program and look forward to connecting students to an authentic learning experience in the community that is driven by their passions and interests!